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Lifespan of portable X-ray machines

Hello, today I will show you the service life of portable X-ray machines.
The portable X-ray machine is a small (miniature) X-ray machine that can achieve the purpose of perspective by imaging on the principle of X-rays. The portable X-ray machine is mainly composed of an X-ray tube, a power supply, and a control circuit, and the X-ray tube is composed of a cathode filament ( Cathod) and anode target (Anode) and vacuum glass tube, providing a high-voltage electric field to accelerate the active electron flow on the filament to the cathode, forming a high-speed electron flow. The high-speed electron flow penetrates the object and is processed by a portable X-ray machine to generate a perspective picture .
When it comes to service life, we first need to know how many times the tube can be exposed at most. The service life mainly depends on the utilization rate of the tube. The number of exposures of the tube is about 200,000 times. Depending on the manufacturer and the method of use, the service life may be longer Extended. Generally speaking, the service life of domestic portable X-ray machines is 3-5 years, and that of imported portable X-ray machines is 10-15 years. Because the X-ray machine is in a heating state during use.
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