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How to maintain the medical X-ray machine during use

In the medical field, X-ray is an indispensable imaging examination in clinical practice, and medical X-ray machines have also been widely used. Daily maintenance and maintenance are essential in the process of using X-ray machines, so how to maintain medical X-ray machines during use? Next, the editor will explain to you how to maintain the medical X-ray machine.
The staff who use the X-ray machine during the operation must undergo systematic and professional training and strictly follow the normal operation. Before each startup and shutdown, the pointers of the dry voltmeter and power meter should be adjusted to the lowest level, so as to prevent the pointer from being damaged by sudden power-on of the meter. Check the power supply voltage after starting up, and the filament voltage should not be too high. After the machine stops, it should be turned off in time to avoid reactive power consumption. When the machine is in continuous use, pay attention to the intermittent time of the machine to avoid excessive temperature of the X-ray tube. When the machine breaks down during use, it should be reported to the maintenance personnel, and it is strictly forbidden to work on the machine.
In terms of daily maintenance, users should keep the machine room dry and tidy, avoid piles of debris, and clean the appearance of the machine every day. The regular maintenance of the machine should be carried out jointly by the maintenance personnel and the maintenance personnel. Regularly check the connection of the various parts of the X-ray machine and oil and rust removal. It is necessary to check the operation status of the machine regularly and use the instrument to calibrate various parameters in time.
It is inevitable that there will be problems during the use of the machine. Correct use and maintenance are important means to ensure the normal use of the instrument, and it is also a necessary means to prolong the service life of the X-ray machine. The above is the medical X-ray machine during use. Conservation methods, if you have any needs, welcome to inquire. Phone (whatsapp): 17616362243

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