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X-ray machine models commonly used in personal clinics

There are many types of X-ray machines, which can be divided into different types according to different functions. So what are the X-ray machine styles commonly used in personal clinics? In order for everyone to choose the appropriate X-ray machine according to their individual needs, today I will take you to understand it in detail.
Medical portable X-ray machine is also called medical X-ray perspective instrument or medical portable X-ray machine. This type of X-ray machine is mainly used in clinics, township health centers, school clinics and other departments. Its cost is relatively low, low X-ray dose is relatively safe, small in size, easy to operate, easy to assemble and disassemble, the whole machine parts can be carried in a backpack or a suitcase, and can be connected to a computer for processing and printing under normal circumstances. It meets the equipment needs of medical institutions that cannot accommodate large X-ray machines, so it is favored by many workers in the medical industry.
Mobile X-ray machine, also called bedside X-ray machine, is a small X-ray machine that can be placed on the bedside or used by the bedside. Because of its small size, light weight, simple operation, convenient movement, and low radiation dose, it has been widely used in radiology departments, wards, clinics, disaster relief and other places to take radiographs and perspectives for patients. Its use is not limited by the environment. Its base is equipped with rollers or battery cars, which can be driven by manpower or electric power. It can be carried in different places and regions to carry out work, and it can also be used for X-ray photography in special occasions of field machines. And there are two ways to control exposure, remote control and hand brake. The use of flat-panel detector imaging makes the operation more convenient and the imaging clearer.
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