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Pet X-ray machine replaced by DR

With the progress of society, pet X-ray machines have been replaced by DR, which is a digital X-ray inspection medical equipment professionally used for pet X-ray photography. Pet DR refers to a new technology that directly performs digital X-ray photography under computer control, that is, an amorphous silicon flat panel detector is used to convert the X-ray information that penetrates the pet into digital signals, and the computer reconstructs the image and performs a series of image post-processing.
Pet DR Features:
1. The DQE detection efficiency of DR can reach 74%, while the DQE of pet X-ray machine photos combined with traditional ordinary film is 30%.
2. The pet DR imaging speed is fast, the acquisition time is less than 10ms, the imaging time is only 3 seconds, and the radiologist immediately observes the image on the screen. It can be sent to the post-processing workstation in a few seconds, read the film and issue a diagnosis report. It takes about 5-10 minutes from the inspection to the diagnosis report of the conventional chest DR photo.
3. Pet DR has high spatial resolution and low noise rate. Amorphous silicon is directly converted into electrical signals after being irradiated by X-rays, which can avoid other imaging methods such as ordinary screen combination photos, CR and other light-irradiated phosphorous substances. The resulting image sharpness is reduced, so a high-definition image can be obtained.
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