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How much does it cost to purchase a radiology DR

If you need to purchase a set of DR equipment, you must consider the following three points, and the prices of different configurations are also quite different:
Digital flat panel detector (about 50,000-200,000)
DR flat panel detectors work with any X-ray system, they eliminate the need for a cassette, improve image quality, and acquire and render images in seconds. DR detectors are also available in a variety of styles:
Wired Flat Panel Detector: The detector can be moved between the chest stand and the table. It communicates with the workstation over a single cable.
Wireless Flat Panel Detector: The detector is battery powered and communicates with the workstation without cables. The detector can move freely between the chest stand and table, and can even be used with other X-ray equipment around the facility.
Fixed Flat Panel Detector: The detector is mounted in a chest radiograph frame or a photographic flat bed. Usually a dynamic flat panel detector.
X-ray equipment that can place DR digital flat panel detectors (about 20,000-100,000)
If you already have X-ray equipment, then just buy a digital flat panel detector to upgrade to DR.
Such an upgraded DR device is essentially the same as directly purchasing a set of DR devices.
Image quality and acquisition time were comparable between the turnkey DR system and the upgraded DR system. The main advantage of a turnkey DR system over an upgraded DR is that many of the models in the system have automatic movement capabilities, which can further simplify the overall efficiency of filming, allowing patients to pass as quickly as possible.
In addition to the above two items, there are other equipment for you to purchase, such as chest racks, photography flat beds, film printers, etc. The prices are also from several thousand to tens of thousands of yuan.
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