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Is the 500mA X-ray machine a single-tube head X-ray equipment?

A customer came to ask whether our company’s 500mA fixed X-ray machine is a single-tube head X-ray device, a double-tube head, or a multi-tube head. In fact, it is very easy to distinguish. The tube head here refers to the X-ray tube. The single-tube head has only one tube, the double-tube head has two tubes, and the multi-tube head has three or more tubes. And the 500mAX optical machine sold by Huarui Imaging is a double-tube head X-ray equipment with two tubes.
So what are the names of the single-tube head, the double-tube head and the multi-tube head used for? In fact, in the “Medical X-ray Diagnostic Radiological Protection Requirements”, there are different construction requirements for the X-ray machine room (lead room/irradiation room) built according to X-ray equipment of different specifications. The construction requirements here mainly refer to the room The minimum effective use area and minimum single-side length, for example, the single-tube head X-ray equipment is 20 square meters and 3.5 meters, and the double-tube head X-ray equipment is 30 square meters and 4.5 meters.
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