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Portable dental X-ray machine can use film imaging

A medical device company in Chongqing needs a portable dental X-ray machine to export to African countries
Ask customers whether they need a complete portable dental DR or just a portable dental X-ray machine. The portable dental DR includes a portable dental X-ray machine and a digital dental sensor. If you use a dental digital sensor for imaging, you can use film for imaging.
After understanding, the customer’s terminal only needs a portable dental X-ray machine to use film for imaging.
The portable dental X-ray machine produced by Newheek is light and convenient. It adopts high-frequency inverter technology and has clear imaging. It can be used with any film, dental film treasure, and dental digital sensor. It is very popular among users. High safety and tight protection to ensure the safety of doctors and patients. Built-in long-lasting lithium battery can shoot for a long time.
The customer is very satisfied with the portable dental X-ray machine and will purchase it after confirming the terminal.


Author: Lillian

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