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Portable DR can film in prone position

Many customers purchase portable DR mainly to take pictures of limbs or chest radiographs, which can be done standing or sitting. So, is it okay to take a prone position with a portable DR? The answer is of course yes. When some customers are inconvenient for their legs and feet, it is also a good choice to take pictures in a prone position. In this case, the portable DR needs to be equipped with a filming bed, preferably the kind with a film box under the bed. The flat panel detector can be placed in the film box under the bed, which is more convenient for shooting. It should be noted that it is best to stand up for chest radiographs. Because the chest radiographs taken in standing position are clearer than those taken in prone position. When choosing the filming bed, try to choose a transparent acrylic plate to facilitate the centering and make the portable DR shooting more accurate.
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