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Portable dental X-ray machine used to take pictures of teeth

The portable dental X-ray machine is an instrument specially used to take pictures of the oral cavity of teeth. Generally, when we go to a hospital or a dental clinic, the dentist will choose whether to use a portable dental X-ray machine to take dental films according to the health of the teeth.
X-rays taken of teeth are called dental films. At present, CBCT is commonly used as an oral CT examination, which can improve the utilization of X-rays. It is an important process that cannot be ignored in dental diagnosis. Through the dental film taken by the portable dental X-ray machine, the dentist can understand the degree of tooth decay, whether the toothache is caused by the pulpal nerve, apical inflammation or periodontitis, whether the tooth is in sufficient condition, and how much bone is needed. Implants.
Advantages of portable dental X-ray machine:
1. Simple and generous, light and portable, clear images, and close to zero radiation.
2. Stable performance, complete functions and easy operation.
3. Freely choose AC, DC or AC and DC two-way energization methods.
4. It can be fixed freely, such as vertical, wall-mounted, dental chair, etc.
5. You can freely choose wireless remote control or hand switch for exposure control.

portable dental X-ray machine

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