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Portable mobile X-ray machine can take pictures of monkeys

When the customer saw the portable mobile X-ray machine advertised by our company on the customer’s website, he called for consultation. The customer said that it needs to be used in the laboratory to test the monkeys for scientific research.
We recommend a 100mA portable mobile X-ray machine for our customers. As shown in the picture, this portable mobile X-ray machine can perform film inspections on human limbs and chest, and it is also sufficient for shooting monkeys. With a movable rack, it can be used indoors in the laboratory, and it can also be moved to outdoor use. It can be equipped with DR digital imaging and install animal software. After the portable mobile X-ray machine is exposed, the captured images can be seen on the computer, which is convenient for scientific research data storage and analysis.

Portable mobile X-ray machine

Author: Lillian

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