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What are the advantages of a portable dental X-ray machine

Recently, many customers inquired about our portable dental X-ray machine. There are many types of dental X-ray machines. Our dental X-ray machines are divided into portable dental X-ray machines, wall-mounted and vertical dental X-ray machines, which are suitable for different purposes and places.
Recently, a Brazilian customer asked about a portable dental X-ray machine. The customer was very satisfied with the price and parameters of our portable dental X-ray machine and placed an order soon. Products are sent to customers by international express. After customers received the goods, they also spoke highly of the quality of our products. They said that if there is demand for other products in the future, they will continue to contact us.
The advantages of a portable dental X-ray machine include:
Small size, light weight, good imaging quality, almost no radiation;
Stable performance, complete functions, simple operation;
There are both AC and DC, you can choose at will;
There are a variety of fixing methods, such as vertical, wall-mounted, hand-held, fixed on dental equipment, etc.;
Can be controlled by remote control or manual switch;
Its charger is suitable for different countries;
The dental X-ray machine produced by our company Newheek can meet your different purchasing needs. If necessary, please feel free to contact us.

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