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Private clinic consulted and purchased a 300MA X-ray machine

Recently, the personal clinic consulted the 300MA X-ray machine and wanted to take pictures of the lumbar spine. Previously, the 300MA X-ray machine used by Wandong Machine was too old to shoot the lumbar spine. The customer said that your company’s X-ray filming machine is better than Is it worthy of Beijing Wandong? Is the quality qualified? I told you that the effect of shooting the lumbar spine with a 200 is not good. It is recommended to use a 500MA X-ray machine. The customer said that the price of the 500 is too high, and they want a cheaper one. Customers Can the price of 300MA X-ray machine be cheaper? Customers inquire about warranty issues and inform them that they can sign a contract. The normal warranty is one year, payment to delivery, and 300MA X-ray machine photos and videos are taken before shipment. , The customer asks to make a contract. Ask the customer when to pay, we are ready to prepare the goods, the customer said that he will handle the payment immediately, and ask for the installation of the machine within 4 days after the arrival of the goods. They need to disassemble the old X-ray machine, and then directly install the new machine. Otherwise it will affect the use. The installation cost will be borne by ourselves. The modified contract will be sent to the customer. The customer has paid in the afternoon. The customer said that the X-ray machine + film frame has been installed, and we need to provide an invoice receipt. Someone has come to check it. Finance has been issued and mailed.
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300MA X-ray machine

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