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Jordan customer inquires about portable X-ray machine for veterinary use

A Jordanian customer asked through our website to find a portable X-ray machine for veterinary. Our Newheek NK100YJ 100mA portable X-ray machine basically meets the customer’s parameter requirements. After we quote the customer, we will ask about this X-ray machine. Whether it meets his use, I get a quick answer from the customer, and he is very satisfied with our product.
We recommend that customers use the DR system. It is more convenient to use a portable X-ray machine for outdoor filming. The customer said that the budget is not that much, so just look at the X-ray machine first. After we adjusted the product style quotation according to the customer’s specific needs, the customer felt that the price was slightly higher than the budget, but you can try it. Then we calculated the shipping cost and sent the PI to the customer.
After several follow-ups, the customer replied that they have inquired about a cheaper portable X-ray machine. We explained to the customer that you get what you pay for. We have more than 20 years of professional experience. This X-ray machine has a 1-year warranty. , But the failure rate issued so far is 0%, and we hope that customers believe in our professionalism.
In fact, this customer’s idea is very representative, always looking for a cheaper price, but no matter what industry, no matter what product, there is no lowest price but a lower price, we choose the products of professional manufacturers, we have chosen a rest assured , Let alone medical equipment.

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