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Product Introduction Our Newheek C-arm X-ray machine

C-arm X-ray machine, as the name suggests, this equipment has a C-shaped frame, which is mainly used for imaging and photography in various operations. In addition, it is also different from other X-ray equipment such as: U-shaped arm
The main configuration of the C-arm X-ray machine is composed of a host (including a frame and a console), an X-ray generator, an X-ray shadow intensifier, a camera (megapixel), a monitor, and an image processing workstation.
Product advantages of C-arm X-ray machine:
1. High-frequency and high-voltage generator to improve image quality while reducing radiation dose
2. The performance-price ratio is an ideal choice for medical units
3. With IBS, enhanced fluoroscopy function, adapt to different clinical needs
4. Megapixel camera, high image definition
5. Recursive noise reduction, image enhancement, last frame retention, 360° rotation at any angle
6. Store patient data and print graphic reports.

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