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Proper use of exposure hand switch

Normally, when you press the first gear of the hand switch, the small green ring in the lower left corner of the display will be extinguished, about 0.5-1 seconds, you can continue to press the second gear, complete the exposure, and hear the prompt “beep”.

The way that affects the service life of the ball tube is the way that the first and second gears of the handbrake are pressed.

From principle, the higher the temperature of the bulb, the shorter the life. When the first gear of the hand switch is pressed, the DR device will immediately heat the bulb filament, heating the filament from a warm state to a hot state of about 2000 degrees. After the exposure, the filament temperature drops immediately to protect the filament.

The correct way to press the brake is: after the exposure green ring is lit, you can quickly, in 1-2 seconds time, one brake two consecutive times, complete the exposure, and can hear the exposure prompt sound.

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