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X-ray hand switch can be connected to RJ11 crystal head

Recently, a customer in Taiwan inquired about the X-ray hand switch of L02 3C3M with RJ11 crystal head. Currently, one X-ray hand switch is needed for testing. The customer needs to provide detailed information of our company, and they will make relevant supplier records. X-ray hand switch information has been sent to customers. Customers are very satisfied with our functional parameters. If the test passes, they will purchase X-ray hand switch in batches.

The newheek L02 X-ray hand switch is a hand-held switch. It is equipped with a two-stage grading switch. Press the button to turn on, release it to turn off, press the button to the first step to turn on the first step, and all press down to turn on the second step. When the first gear is still connected, the hand brake is equipped with a fixed bracket.

The above is some basic information about the L02 X-ray hand switch.

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