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Do you know what is the bucky stand?

The bucky stand is a device used for diagnostic radiography, and there are various types of bucky stand.

bucky stand is a equipment used with X-ray machine to diagnose the head, abdomen, chest, pelvic cavity, limbs and other parts of the human body by X-ray photography.

bucky stand is mainly composed of pillars, slider, cartridge, arm and so on. Generally, the size of cartridge is 14 “X17” and 17 “X17”. Among them, the 17 “X17” frame can be equipped with different sizes of cassette, CR IP board and flat panel detector.

bucky stand has fixed bucky stand and movable bucky stand. Fixed bucky stand places the camera holder on the flat hard ground 180 cm away from the spherical tube, makes the vertical center of the camera box coincide with the center of the spherical tube, aligns with the four through-hole centers of the bottom of the device’s column, and installs four M 8 expansion screws by electric hammer drilling. Then tighten and fix on the ground. The movable bucky stand has more movable devices than the fixed bucky stand. The high strength anti-winding mute medical wheel is used to facilitate the movement of the bucky stand in all directions.

There are also two ways of raising and lowering the cartridge of the bucky stand: electric and manual. The moving of the cartridge of the manual bucky stand can be adjusted to the right position by rotating the knob, loosening the cartridge and adjusting it to the right position. The electric bucky stand can automatically rise and fall by pressing the button, and then loosen the button when it reaches the right position.

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