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Wireless Bluetooth x ray exposure hand switch

Different from the ordinary exposure hand switch, the wireless Bluetooth hand switch of Newheek is based on the full-duplex mode of Bluetooth 4.0 protocol,, reliable connection and outstanding performance through the wall.Secondly, low battery and poor Bluetooth connection are prompted by flashing lights, which makes it easier to distinguish the operation situation.The two-stage output mode developed for the characteristics of radiology makes the mode more simple.The fixed mode of sliding track at the receiving end and the output of three-way relay contact make the operation more convenient and simple.

The control mode can also be customized according to customer requirements.

Structure: handle (transmitter end), receiver (receiver end).

Specification Obtained Bluetooth 4.0 low energy SIG certification

Note: Countries that have been certified (deadline August, 2018)

Frequency 2.4GHZ, area (2.402GHZ to 2.480GHZ)
Communication Range About 10m

Response Time

When the switch is pressed: 70msec maximum Switch release time: 50msec max
Number of Connections 1 max  
Allowable Operating Frequency Shock ≤60times/min
Vibration Failure 300m/s
Shock Damage Frequency is 10HZ to 55HZ, double amplitude 1.5mm

Mechancal Durability

Main Switch ≥200000 times ≥200000 times
Sub Switch ≥200000 times ≥200000 times

Range of Working Temperature

0° to 40° (no icing or condensation)
Working Humidity Range 90%RH or below (5° to 350°)
Weight About 120g (no battery) About 80kg


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