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Seeking development in crisis for X ray machine

Some analysts pointed out that while the United States and China are competing fiercely for international influence, the European Union has long insisted on promoting multilateralism, hoping to play a third pole role in global affairs. However, the global spread of the epidemic has intensified the confrontation between the United States and China, and European multilateralism policies also seem to be under tremendous pressure.

A review article published on May 3 by the US “Business Insider” stated that the New Crown epidemic clarified the issue of world order and made the question of “who to align with” clear in Europe: how Europe chooses its side teams and stands with the United States , Or on the Chinese side?

In such a complex and competitive world structure, thenewheek company is also looking for a way out in the pursuit of survival and development. X-ray machine is the theme, where is it going, but we are all committed.


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