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Invest more energy in X-ray machine

The Trump campaign had planned to make the booming US economy the core of the campaign, but this has failed. Public opinion polls show that because of Trump’s weak anti-epidemic response, Swing State’s support for the president is getting lower and lower.

He added Chinese elements to the election. The latter was accused of slow anti-epidemic actions and failed to stop the global spread of the virus. The strategy of Trump and the US Republican Party is actually attacking former US Vice President and Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Trump ’s allies in the “American First Action” political action committee have been advertising, criticizing “Beijing (of) Biden,” saying that he “leads” the Washington elite tolerate predatory China.

Biden counterattacked with an advertisement: accused President Trump of trying to cover up his sluggish response to the pandemic and shirk responsibility. The advertisement also criticized Trump for overtrusting China with the initial information about the virus.

What these two very different political parties have in common is that both sides believe that a tough attitude toward Beijing is a good political strategy.
In the process of the game between the US election and China, the development of our company must be independent and self-reliant, and develop in unity. There will be more and more excellent products in the X-ray machine.

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