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How do users maintain X-ray machines?

The user must regularly maintain the X-ray machine to do the following:
a) The machine room should be clean, dry, ventilated and ventilated, avoid high temperature, and the equipment should avoid direct sunlight.
b) The X-ray tube is a glass product, and the price is expensive. The component should be careful during operation to prevent impact.
c) The filler dehydration petrolatum in the high-voltage socket should be replaced regularly. The one connected to the high-voltage generator component should not be replaced once a year, and the one connected to the X-ray tube component should not be replaced once every six months. More attention should be paid to frequent checks and updates.
d) The X-ray tube assembly generates a lot of heat during operation, and the transformer oil and rubber parts will be aged due to long-term heating. Therefore, the transformer oil should be replaced at most once every 5 years (the insulation strength of No. 25 transformer oil is not less than 35kV / 2.5mm ) And rubber parts (this work should be entrusted to professionals, the workload is large and should be updated in advance).
e) Avoid opening the high-pressure fuel tank cover and fueling hole to prevent the transformer oil from absorbing moisture or falling into the dust, reducing the insulation performance; if properly stored, under normal circumstances, the transformer oil does not need to be replaced within 5 years.
f) After long-term use of the X-ray tube assembly, proper training must be carried out before use.
g) Regularly check the tightening status of electrical components and their wiring (except the inside of high-voltage generator components and X-ray tube components), and tighten loose parts in time.
h) Pay attention to the power supply, check whether the internal resistance of the power supply (voltage drop of the power supply) has changed, and ensure that the equipment requires the power supply.
i) Regularly check the grounding device to ensure that the grounding wire of the component is safe and reliable.
j) Do not clean when the device is powered on. Before cleaning, turn off the power.
k) When cleaning the device, apply inorganic cleaner to the cloth to remove dirt from the case. Do not use vacuum cleaners or other organic solvents.


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