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X-ray machine developers and mental health problems

The news about the pneumonia epidemic is understandable, but for many, this may make existing mental health problems worse. Therefore, when the World Health Organization (WHO) issued recommendations on the need to protect personal mental health during the outbreak of the new coronavirus, the move was welcomed on social media.

As Nicky Lidbetter, the representative of Anxiety UK, an anxiety-related organization in the UK, explains that fear of being out of control and unbearable uncertainty are common features of many anxiety patients. It is therefore understandable that many people suffering from anxiety disorders are currently facing challenges.

Rosie Weatherley, a spokesperson for the mental health charity “Mind”, said that many anxiety disorders stem from concerns about unknown things, waiting for things to happen. From a macro perspective, the current new crown epidemic is These conditions.

So, how can we protect our mental health?
X-ray machine developers also have anxiety problems, and sales staff also have the same mental health problems. Usually we will find local psychological counselors to chat with us. The problems are also easy to solve, organize parties, and communicate without barriers.
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