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Selection of medical monitor

Medical monitor is suitable for a variety of medical imaging equipment and clinical comprehensive application, and its optional purchase is also very important.
1. Select from functions:
Medical monitor capable of DICOM correction is selected and equipped with special correction software.
The medical monitor has an optical sensor interface on the back, which can be connected to the optical sensor for correction. Otherwise, the correction cannot be carried out.
Medical monitor with brightness constant device is selected to ensure that the brightness of the display does not change with time, which can ensure the consistency and integrity of the system display.
Due to the requirements of teaching and doctors’ habits, doctors are used to give instructions on the film or the display screen with a pen to express their views on the specific details of the image. The LCD screen is a fragile material. In order to adapt to the medical environment, our medical monitor will responsibly install the protective plate of the LCD screen in production.Therefore, the medical monitor should be equipped with a protective panel with an LCD screen.
Selection of medical monitor
2. Select from the parameters:
The diagnostic workstation is recommended to be equipped with 3MP and 5MP displays, and the choice of breast machine and flat plate DR is mainly based on 3MP.
It is recommended to configure 2MP and 1MP monitors for observation and teaching workstation.
Medical monitor is equipped with a matching special graphics card, with 10bit output grayscale.
Newheek medical monitor can meet your different procurement needs.

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