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Inquiries for portable X-ray machines from Central America

Types of portable X-ray machines

Portable X-ray machines are also called medical portable X-ray machines or medical X-ray fluoroscopes.

Today I received an inquiry from Central America, mainly about my portable X-ray machine. This inquiry was written in Spanish and he would like to know more about our product.

Subsequently, the customer information was searched according to the information, but no key information was found. Subsequently, he received an email in the hope that customers could leave company information and his contact information, and sent him the product information of portable X-ray machine.

So if you want to get our quotation about the product, please tell us your contact information and company information. Because the prices we offer to different consumer groups are different.

If you are interested in our portable X-ray machine, please feel free to contact us.

Author: Yevette

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