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120v foot switch application

The 120v foot switch is the process of controlling the dynamic perspective. The foot steps down, the X-ray goes out, and the foot lifts up. The X-ray ends.
Newheek x ray foot switch is divided into single, double, triple and quad.
The 120v foot switch has only one leg, the 120v foot switch. The 120v foot switch is divided into the appearance with and without frame, with radian and flat surface.
The 120v foot switch can also be used for photolithography to control bed movement.
120v foot switch application
In the medical field, it is used for various medical instruments, laser scalpel, b-ultrasound, X-ray bed, gastrointestinal machine, lithoscope machine, medical bed, dental equipment, optometry equipment, etc.
In light industrial machinery, used in sewing machines, ironing equipment, shoe machines, textile machinery.
Manufacturing equipment for dispensing machine, welding machine, assembly line, electronic manufacturing equipment.
The Newheek 120v foot switch can be customized to be waterproof.The 120v foot switch is standard with 2-meter cables, which can also be customized to your needs.
Newheek 120v foot switch can be widely used in different fields to meet the needs of different customers.

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