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30ma Mammography machine characteristics

30ma Mammography machine imaging is one of the most important and effective methods for the diagnosis of breast diseases, especially for early breast cancer, and is also the first choice in the diagnosis of early breast cancer. Because of the application of CR,DR computer photography, the image quality has been greatly improved.
30ma Mammography machine is mobile, the whole machine is composed of a combination, controller, high voltage generator, and photo frame are all mounted on a case. The performance is stable, the operation is simple, the movement is light and quick, and can be used as bedside film in the ward.
30ma Mammography machine characteristics
The characteristics of Newheek 30ma Mammography machine are as follows:
1. Large cesium iodide functional plate: early diagnosis of breast neoplasms.
2. Molybdenum-rhodium double-target double-energy tube: specially designed for Mammography machine photography to meet the full application of mammary gland screening, diagnosis and intervention.
3. The automatic optimal exposure control system greatly optimizes the success rate of shooting, reduces the radiation dose and shortens the inspection time.
4, mobile design to facilitate imaging examination in the ward or bedside 5. Strong mammography comprehensive diagnosis center, share and analyze mammography image, improve diagnostic accuracy.
Newheek 30ma Mammography machine can meet your different purchasing needs.

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