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500ma X-ray machine features

The 500ma X-ray machine can be used for general photography of the head, chest, abdomen, lumbar vertebra, limbs and other parts of the human body in horizontal position, positive position and lateral position in hospitals at all levels.It is a widely used radiology medical equipment.
The X-ray machine can also be used in the actual process with an optional vertical photography frame to make the application more extensive, including routine head, chest, abdomen, spine and other examination photography.
500ma X ray machine features
Features of 500ma X-ray machine:
1, anti-electric shock, anti-scattering, full wave rectification.
2, positioning is electromagnetic braking, floating bed surface, foot release, post manual operation, positioning fast and reliable.
3. The structure adopts ergonomic design, with beautiful appearance and convenient operation.
4. Pillar rotation range 180, convenient for stretcher photography.
5, optional vertical photography frame.
Newheek 500ma X-ray machine is divided into perspective and shooting, you can choose at will, to meet your different procurement needs.

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