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Should I choose B-ultrasound or X-ray for cat and dog medical examination?

Both B-ultrasound and X-ray are medical imaging examinations. They are all inspection methods that can inspect the internal situation of the organization.
During the X-ray inspection process, there will inevitably be some radiation, but the radiation of X-ray inspection in modern medicine has been reduced to a dose that basically does not affect health.
B-ultrasound inspection will not produce radiation, and a B-ultrasound inspection does not involve radiation. B-ultrasound is performed by the reflection of ultrasound. Therefore, for the accuracy of the inspection, the general animal inspection will be required to shave the hair.
X-rays are mainly used to inspect high-density objects, such as bones, stones, metals, etc. B-ultrasound is mainly used to check whether there are any abnormalities in soft tissues.
I believe everyone has a simple understanding of how to choose inspection methods.portable X-ray machine

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