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Why not use grid for infant X-ray photography?

The function of the filter plate is to filter out the low-energy rays of continuous X-rays (bremsstrahlung). The X-rays emitted from the X-ray tube are called primary rays, which are rays that have not yet been irradiated to the human body. After X-rays are irradiated to the human body, part of the rays are absorbed by the tissues of the human body; some of the rays pass through the human body. Among the rays that pass through the human body, there are some scattered rays. The speed slowed down and the trajectory deflected. These scattered rays are useless and will reduce the quality of the image. Therefore, if these scattered rays are filtered out, the opportunity for the grid to show its talents comes.
The purpose of using the grid is to filter the scattered rays from the illuminated object. If the area of the illuminated object is larger and thicker, the scattered rays will be more. Children, especially young children’s tissues are very thin, and grids are not needed.Baby bones

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