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Some issues about flat panel detectors

(1) additional noise. The main sources of additional noise flat panel detector system are thermal noise from TET white, home noise and line noise preamplifier. TFT flat panel detector noise reduction system has many methods, such as non-response Antonuk and other composite pixel arrangement method of noise. Generally speaking, different types of flat panel detectors of various brands in the factory are equipped with special noise reduction software from calibration.

(2) size of digital image file. The size of the image obtained using the flat panel detector depends on the size and resolution of the gray pixel matrix. The image size of 8Mb 18MB through the lobby. In order to reduce the image size and improve the transmission efficiency of the image, the manufacturer generates a post-processing image and generates regions of interest (such as image segmentation and removing unwanted image boundaries), such a small amount of data can be transmitted to the storage system.

(3) Flat panel detectors must have a bad pixel due to the manufacturing process constraints, and sometimes there will be fault lines, these pixels will not work properly affect the final image quality.

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