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What is the difference between a portable x ray machine and ordinary x ray machine

What is the difference between a portable x ray machine and ordinary x ray machine?

The so-called portable X-ray machine from the large category should refer to the bedside X-ray machine, can be pushed to the ward for X-ray examination. Portability is not cheap.

There are millions of good bedside machines on the market, and the performance is not so-called shrinkage, just different from the fixed X-ray machine application scene, by contrast, more emphasis on mobility, ease of placement and special image processing algorithm for bedside images.

And this equipment is used more in some large hospitals, can be placed in the operating room, ICU, orthopaedic convenience bedridden patients photographic use.

With the flourishing development of Chinese hospitals, the product has gradually been popularized in hospitals under the level of two.

The price of X-ray equipment depends more on the price of the core components, such as bulbs, high-voltage generators, detectors. For example, some domestic brands of CCD detector X-ray machine in recent years because of the price advantage in some township-level hospitals, as low as 1.2 million can buy one, the actual exposure dose is much higher than the best equipped with DR flat panel detector mobile X-ray machine.

When it comes to radiation, with qualified X-ray machines and protective room up to standard, the dose received by workers is generally not high. Bedside photography is also the same.

Technicians are generally far away and wear lead clothing, radiation can be ignored. So what we’re talking about here is the patient dose, and in this area, the material of the detector has a very big impact.

As mentioned earlier. CCD detectors require much higher imaging doses than CR and DR detectors.

Bedside photography, the formal requirement is to place a lead screen next to the patient to prevent radiation to other patients.

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