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Suitable for township hospitals ordinary X-ray machine

Suitable for township hospitals ordinary X-ray machine.For township hospitals, the passenger flow is not very large, just do some simple routine inspections. Under normal circumstances, the function of a 50MA mobile X-ray machine is sufficient. The price of this equipment is also low and suitable for small township hospitals. Now many customers consult 100MA, 200MA and 300MA X-ray machines.
Recently, many township hospitals have inquired about X-ray machines, but many of them don’t know much about X-ray machines. X-ray machines are specialized in filming, gastrointestinal fluoroscopy and chest radiography. Next, let’s first understand the customer’s needs, whether it is pure filming or fluoroscopy, which parts are mainly inspected?
Customers don’t know about these 3 X-ray machines. 100MA is mainly for animal use, 200MA and 300MA are fixed power frequency X-ray machines, because the price is similar to that of 500MA. The difference is not much. For obese people, the doses of 200MA and 300MA are a bit small, so currently most of them are replaced with 500MA high-frequency X-ray machines.
Dear users and friends, see here that everyone has a further understanding of X-ray machines, please call us!

Author: Lillian

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