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Portable pet X-ray machine suitable for shooting small animals when going out

Product introduction of portable pet X-ray machine:
Function introduction: It adopts LCD imaging, built-in industrial camera, and has a fixing function; equipped with a USB interface, it is connected to a computer through a data cable, which can realize image and video collection on the computer.
The low-dose portable pet X-ray machine is a high-tech product that was first developed and developed, and it is currently the smallest X-ray machine diagnostic equipment at home and abroad.
Main features of portable pet X-ray machine:
1. Beautiful appearance, large radius of perspective objects, 5 inches diagonal.
2. Safe, light and high resolution, clear images can be seen without a dark room. The radiation dose is low and no protection is needed.
Application scope of portable pet X-ray machine:
For immediate diagnosis in emergency wards and operations, it is especially suitable for closed reduction, needle insertion and external fixation of orthopedic patients, and it is also suitable for direct fluoroscopic observation when foreign bodies are taken from the muscles.
This portable pet X-ray machine is the best equipment for pet clinics. If you need it, remember to contact us!
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