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The characteristics of X ray (light)

Because X ray is also a kind of light, it also has all the properties of light: reflection, refraction, diffraction, besides, because the energy of X ray is stronger than visible light, it also has the properties of particles. It is commonly known as Wave-particle duality.
Wave-particle duality refers to a substance having both the characteristics of waves and the characteristics of particles. Wave-particle duality is an important concept in quantum mechanics. In classical mechanics, the object of study is always clearly divided into two categories: wave and particle. The former is a typical example of light, while the latter constitutes what we often call “matter”.
In 1905, Einstein put forward the light quantum interpretation of photoelectric effect, and people began to realize that light wave has dual properties of wave and particle at the same time. In 1924, De Broglie put forward the hypothesis of “matter wave” and thought that all substances had Wave-particle duality as light. According to this hypothesis, electrons will also have the wave phenomena of interference and diffraction, which are confirmed by subsequent electron diffraction experiments.

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