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Fault case analysis of medical diagnostic X-ray machine —One

Fault case analysis of medical diagnostic X-ray machine

Failure phenomenon: perspective has mA instructions, but no images.

Analysis and maintenance: fluoroscopy has mA instructions, indicating that X-ray production circuit is no problem. If the image is not displayed, there may be problems in the following parts:

1. Image Intensifier (I.I)
2. Cameras (CAMERA)
3. Camera control circuit (CCU)
4. Monitor (MONITOR)

The following steps are used to check the following steps:

1. In perspective, there is no image on the main monitor (with CCU board) and the auxiliary monitor, indicating that the problem is on the intensifier, camera and its control circuit (CCU board).

2, when viewing, whether there is an image on the output screen of the intensifier, there is an image at that time, which shows that the intensifier is good.

3, check the BEAM voltage and TARGET voltage of the supply camera. It is found that -89.7V, the normal value should be between -50V~30, which makes the electron can not be emitted to the target surface, thus without image. The adjustment of the BEAM voltage can be adjusted by the BEAM voltage of the CCU board to adjust the potentiometer. When adjusting, it is found that the BEAM voltage is fluctuated. Retest the BEAM potentiometer supply voltage -100V is normal, which indicates that the potentiometer contact is not good. After the replacement, the boot image is normal.

Conclusion: the BEAM voltage of the camera tube is abnormal, resulting in no image. Model: SHIMADZU HD150G-40

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