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The customer asked us if we needed to install lead protection when using the X-ray machine

Customers often ask whether we need lead protection when using X ray machines , which refers to hospitals or factories that use industrial X-ray machines.Using X-ray films or fluoroscopy , the moment of exposure, X-ray emitted from the tube and will not be completely absorbed by the inspection body, the scattered rays don’t be absorbed will cause radiation on the surrounding objects or human body,it is a harm to human body, the greater the dose the harm of human body, especially the X-ray machine to operating personnel, need long-term exposure to X-ray machine control exposure.

The country stipulates the use of all X – ray machine must make lead protection, lead protection basically include lead room, lead glass and lead garment.After the construction of lead houses, they need to go to the local environmental protection bureau for filing and apply for a safe use permit.

It is recommended that users check national specifications and consult professional lead protection companies to design the best lead protection scheme according to your X-ray model number, room area and actual use requirements.

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