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The client inquired DR bucky stand

Recently, many customers have asked about the DR bucky stand. Let’s have a look together.

Newheek provides a number of vertical bucky stands that can be adapted to the use of flat panel detectors. First, it is necessary to confirm the user’s main use place. , it is mostly used indoors or for outdoor physical examination .We also need to confirm the size of the user’s plate detector. In general, the conventional size of the plate detector can be used with our bucky stand. In addition, we need to confirm with the customer whether there are handles on the plate and the number of handles.

Take the Jiangxi customer as an example, he uses a 14*17 inch flat panel detector, no handle.The client wants to use mobile camera stand with mobile X-ray machine, mainly for indoor use.Customers prefer NK17FY model of trolley type, bucky stand material for this convenient portable mobile, can be used in outdoor, shooting a film ,and can also be used for indoor use, but the customers think the price is slightly higher than the budget, then we recommend the more suitable for indoor use NK17SY side of the piece and NKDRSY DR dedicated bucky stand, the customers choose the side of the piece.After we calculated the freight for the customer, the customer said he would report to the company and reply to us later.

With the digitization of medical devices, there are more and more demands for DR bucky stands. If you are also interested in bucky stands, please call us for consultation.

Author: 肖恩

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