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Newheek hand switch model introduction

Newheek is professional in the production of exposure hand switches. There are six types of our wired hand switches: Among them, L01 and L02 are basically the same in appearance. They both have two gears, one gear for exposure preparation, and one and two gears for exposure when pressed at the same time. There are only minor differences. L03 and L04 are similar in appearance. Among them, L03 has three gears and a button to control the collimator, while L04 has only two gears. L05 and L06 have one gear, which can be used in dental X-ray machines. Among them, L05 is a metal button, and can also be customized with LED and buzzer. L06 is a relatively simple two-core, one-stage. The cord length of all these hand switches can be customized.

There is also L09 is a wireless hand switch, divided into handle and receiving end, there are two buttons

L10 is a Bluetooth version, there are three buttons, it is also divided into a handle and a receiver, the price is slightly higher

Omron micro switches are used inside our hand switches, which have a long service life and guaranteed quality. Our hand switches are exported all over the world, and we have relatively large distributors in Europe, America and South Asia.

If you want to buy a high-quality exposure hand switch, please contact us!

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