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X-ray high-voltage cable can be used for maintenance on DR X-ray machine

Xi’an* Industrial Co., Ltd. sent a picture of the X-ray high-voltage cable, which is marked with 75KV and TJ letters.The customer asked about our company’s X-ray high-voltage cable 150KV 12 meters, which is used for DR X-ray machine maintenance. It is reported that newheek’s existing X-ray high-voltage cable is completely replaceable. 75kv X-ray high voltage cable is suitable for 125KV bulbs, 90KV is suitable for 150KV bulbs. The size specifications they want can be shipped within 5-7 days. The customer says that there is no problem, and the contract is sent to the customer. After receiving the payment, we start to prepare the X-ray high voltage cable. Before delivery, we will send the picture and video of the X-ray high-voltage cable to the customer. Ship.

I hope my sharing will help everyone, welcome customers to inquire and negotiate business.

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