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The function of NEWHEEK industrial X-ray machine

The significance of flaw detection of industrial X-ray machine: Flaw detection is a nondestructive flaw detection method which USES the characteristics of X-ray penetrating material and attenuation in material to find defects.X-rays can examine the internal defects of metallic and non-metallic materials and their products, such as bulk defects such as pores in welds, slag inclusion, lack of penetration, etc.By means of X-ray radiography, the internal defects of the parts and welding of the materials are shown on X-ray film to evaluate the quality of the products, so as to achieve the purpose of judging the advantages and disadvantages of the products, improving the production process, improving the quality of the products and increasing the market competitiveness of the products.

The flaw detection of industrial X-ray machine is mainly used in automobile parts, electronic parts, casting, chemical industry, container, medicine, semiconductor, lithium battery and other fields.

Digital industrial non-destructive testing X-ray machine mainly consists of high-voltage generator, X-ray tube components, image system, digital camera, inspection table (optional) and integrated industrial software (optional).

Three-phase AC 380V±22V power supply capacity ≥30KVA

High voltage generator:

1. Digital high-frequency and high voltage generator: ≥50KW

2. Perspective tube voltage: manual 40 ~ 110kV, automatic 40 ~ 110kV adjustable Perspective tube current: manual 0.3 ~ 6mA, automatic 0.3 ~ 6mA adjustable


Perspective and photography are adjustable respectively:

1. Voltage regulation range of fluoroscopy tube: ≥40-110kV

2. Current adjustment range of fluoroscopy tube: ≥0.3-6mA, continuous adjustment

3. Voltage regulation range of camera tube: 40-125kV;

4. Current adjustment range of the camera tube: 50MA-500mA


Image system:

1. Image intensifier ≥9 inch metal screen, central resolution ≥48 LP /mm

2. Overall resolution: ≥20 LP/cm

3. Digital camera type: black and white, line by line;

4. Photosensitive device: CCD,2/3″;A/D: 12 bit;

6. Resolution: 1024×1024

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