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X-ray machine X-ray machine for public security system physical examination 

The X-ray machine used by Wuhan ** Technology Co., Ltd. to consult the public security system medical office, like this X-ray machine for user consultation, generally refers to our commonly used chest fluoroscopy machine, that is, the stereo fluoroscopy machine. According to the customer’s needs, the information of the existing digital system stereoscopic X-ray machine and analog system stereoscopic X-ray machine of Newheek will be sent to the customer. The only difference between the two devices is the TV system: the digital system is mainly composed of digital cameras, workstation software, and liquid crystal displays; while the analog system is mainly composed of analog cameras, image processors, and monitors.

The digital system of the X-ray machine can store images in large capacity and can be directly connected to the film printer to print images; while the analog system can only store 8+1 images, which cannot print images. At present, this fluoroscopy X-ray machine is widely used in medical examination centers. It is a product with relatively complete functions and high cost performance.

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