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The main function of C-arm X-ray machine

The C-arm X-ray machine is called C-arm because its appearance is similar to the English letter C. It is used for X-ray imaging equipment in interventional radiology and orthopedic surgery. C-arm X-ray machine: As the name suggests, this equipment consists of a C-shaped frame, a tube that produces X-rays, an image intensifier and a CCD camera to collect images, and a workstation for image processing. Mainly used for imaging and photography in various operations. In addition, it is also different from other X-ray equipment such as U-shaped arm, G-shaped arm and so on.
The C-arm X-ray machine is mainly used for 1. Orthopedics: Osteopathy and Reduction 2. Surgery: Removal of foreign bodies in the body, cardiac catheterization, implantation of pacemakers, part of interventional therapy, part of angiography and local photography, etc. 3. Others such as cooperation Ozone machine treatment of pain, small needle knife treatment, gynecological fallopian tube guide surgery, etc. Nowadays, the penetration rate of C-arm X-ray machines in hospitals is very high. Basically, secondary hospitals have been equipped with C-arm X-ray machines.

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