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The side bucky stand has a film cart that can be pulled out from the side x ray bucky stand

In this article, let’s get to know the side-mounted x ray bucky stand, the side-shaped x ray bucky stand. A large part of the difference between the x ray bucky stand and the previousx ray bucky stands lies in the difference in the film box. The side film rack has a film cart that can be pulled out from the side.

Overview of the side-mounted chest X-ray bucky stand: The medical diagnostic side-shaped chest x ray bucky stand a combination of the existing medical X-ray machine and this device in medical institutions to take pictures of the head, chest, abdomen, pelvis and other parts of the human body. Check to achieve the purpose of diagnosing lesions. The common name of this product is a vertical x ray bucky stand. The structure and technical parameters of the side-mounted x ray bucky stand: Structure: This device is composed of a column, a trolley frame, a film box (with a pull-out film cart inside the box), and a balance device. Technical parameters: (1) The maximum travel of the film cassette is 1100mm; (2) The maximum film size: 17 “×17 “; If you think this photo frame is very suitable, remember to contact us.

We have introduced the three models of the vertical mobile x ray bucky stand, the DR vertical x ray bucky stand, and the electric x ray bucky stand.

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