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Medical x-ray perspective apparatus

Fluoroscopy is also called X-ray fluoroscopy, portable X-ray fluoroscopy, X-ray fluoroscopy is through the X-ray of objects and objects to carry out fluoroscopy instruments, large equipment is mostly used in the medical industry, is generally a hospital for patients to see a doctor.Such as orthopedic fluoroscopy, dental fluoroscopy, etc.

Perspective machine perspective different objects to obtain images, the principle is: for example, perspective in the ceramic plastic, because the density of ceramic and plastic two media are different, so you can see the picture.Ceramic and plastic objects on the screen are of different shades of color, and the higher the density, the darker the color.

Today, I received a consultation from a private hospital about medical fluoroscopy, because the client said it was for orthopedic surgery in the operating room, and it needed fluoroscopy and positioning.So I recommended our medical penetration machine to the customer.

It is mainly equipped with high voltage generator, X-ray tube assembly, electric beam limiter, image intensifier, digital camera, frame and rotary foot brake switch.

The vertical penetration machine produced by Newheek adopts digital high frequency and high voltage generator ≥30KW (NKX-300 type) and ≥50KW (NKX-500 type).

Perspective and photography are adjustable respectively:

Voltage regulation range of fluoroscopy tube: ≥40-110kV;

Current adjustment range of fluoroscopy tube: ≥0.5-5mA, continuous adjustment.Voltage regulation range of camera tube: 40-125kV, 1KVstep;Current adjustment range of the camera tube: 50MA-500mA, adjustable in 6 gears.

Due to its low cost, low X-ray dose (high safety degree), simple operation, and can be connected to the computer for processing and printing, our vertical penetration machine meets the equipment gap of medical institutions that cannot accommodate large X-ray machine equipment, and is favored by many medical industry and workers.

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