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The x-ray machine digital

X-ray machine digital is to produce the X-ray equipment, the main ball from an X-ray tube and x optical source and the control circuit and so on, and the X-ray tube ball by Anode and cathode filament (Cathod) target (Anode) and vacuum glass tubes, x optical source and can be divided into two parts, high voltage power supplies and filament, the filament for filament heating, high voltage power supply high voltage output clip on both ends of Anode and cathode filament target respectively, to provide a high voltage electric field accelerates a filament on active electronic flow to the Anode target, forming a high-speed electron flow, after the bombardment Anode target surface, 99% is converted into heat,One percent produces X-rays due to bremsstrahlung.
The application of x-ray machine digital in medical diagnosis is mainly based on X-ray penetration, differential absorption, photosensitization and fluorescence.Because x-rays through the body, by the absorption of different degree, such as bone absorption of X-ray quantity more than the amount of muscle absorption, then through the body after the X-ray quantity is different, so carry the body ministries density distribution of information, on the screen or film caused by fluorescence function or the strength of the photosensitive action there is a bigger difference, thus or photographic film on the screen (after developing and fixing) will show different density shadow.According to the contrast of shade intensity, combined with clinical manifestations, laboratory results and pathological diagnosis, can determine whether a part of the human body is normal.As a result, x-ray machine digital diagnosis has become the world’s first non-invasive visceral examination technology.
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