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A clinic customer consulted our veterinary x ray machine

I recently received a call from a customer who wanted to buy a veterinary x ray machine for use in pet hospitals. The client is a private pet hospital. I saw our products on the e-commerce website and felt very interested, so he came to inquire. The client first asked about the radiation problem of this veterinary x ray machine, because the client saw people in the hospital for inspection The staff are all wearing lead clothes. Do you need to take protective measures when using this veterinary x ray machine? Reply to the customer’s x-ray machine for humans and the veterinary x ray machine for pets. They produce different doses. Animals are relatively small, and relatively small doses are needed. Humans need large doses, so we are in Protective measures must be taken during use, and a special ray room must be provided.
Then I sent the main parameters of the past to the customer. The principle of the veterinary x ray machine and the X-ray machine used by humans is the same. X-rays are generated and belong to ionizing radiation. The difference is that the radiation dose of the X-ray machine to humans is very large, and a separate shielded room is required; while the radiation dose of the X-ray machine that is moving is very small, it generally does not need to be shielded separately, and the harm to people is small. Generally speaking, the necessary facilities of pet hospitals include independent clinic rooms, operating rooms, pharmacies, inspection rooms and diseased animal isolation rooms (boxes) in addition to the clinics that are compatible with the diagnosis and treatment business volume; equipped with medicine cabinets and equipment cabinets , Refrigerators, microscopes, high-pressure sterilization equipment, ultraviolet disinfection lamps, spray sterilizers and other basic diagnosis and treatment equipment; equipped with corresponding harmless treatment facilities; equipped with corresponding noise prevention facilities and sound insulation hardware facilities. With the improvement of people’s living standards and the acceleration of the pace of life, the demand for pets has gradually increased, and pet diseases have also become one of the concerns of people. Therefore, veterinary x ray machines are now essential medical equipment for pet hospitals.
The customer mentioned the problem of radiation and noise. The veterinary x ray machine has high spatial resolution and low noise rate. Amorphous silicon is directly converted into electrical signals after X-ray irradiation, which can avoid other imaging methods such as ordinary screen combinations. The sharpness of the image is reduced due to the scattering of photos, CR and other light after irradiating the phosphor, so high-definition images can be obtained. Improve the detection rate of lesions and avoid problems such as missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis. I also confirmed the delivery problem with the customer. The customer said how to install and use the machine and told the customer that we can debug it according to their needs before sending it.

Author: Lillian

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