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Three characteristics of digital gastrointestinal X-ray machine

Gastrointestinal X-ray machine is now closely related to our life and health. Many large hospitals basically have gastrointestinal X-ray machine. Let me briefly introduce the characteristics of gastrointestinal X-ray machine.

1. The image is clear, the contrast is high, and the effect is good.

1. Adopt high-quality image intensifier to improve gray scale, resolution and contrast, and make the image clearer.

2. Equipped with imported ultra-low-illumination digital camera (CCD), the perspective image has low noise, rich contrast and high quality, while avoiding the phenomenon of image halo, edge attenuation, image smearing, etc., which is convenient for accurate diagnosis during dynamic observation.

2. The whole machine is easy to operate, flexible and convenient

Intuitively displayed man-machine interface and unique touch screen operating system make the man-machine dialogue more intuitive, convenient and easy to understand;

The central control system realizes 8 levels of noise reduction, 8 images are stored, the last frame is frozen, the positive and negative images are contrasted, and the up and down and left and right are flipped, which is convenient for doctors to diagnose.

3. High safety performance

1. Computer program control, remote control operation, to avoid the radiation hazard of radiation to medical personnel.

2. With automatic brightness control system (IBS), it can maximize the protection of patients and medical staff from unnecessary radiation hazards while obtaining the best images for various body types and parts.

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Author: 肖恩

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