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Inquiry of L03 hand switch from India

A customer from India came to ask about the L03 hand switch, let’s take a look:

For example, the L03 type hand switch is a hand-held switch, which is equipped with a two-step grading switch. When the button is pressed, it will be turned on, and when it is released, it will be broken. Press the button to the first step. The gear remains on, and the hand switch is equipped with a fixed bracket.

For example, the L03 type hand switch is driven by a mechanical push rod, and the switch component uses the “OMRON” micro switch, which has a longer life and higher sensitivity.

For example, the L03 hand switch is an electrical control accessory, which can be used to control the on and off of electrical signals, and the photographic exposure of photographic equipment and medical diagnostic X-ray machines. Accessories are:

(1) Hand switch: 1

(2) Three-core spring wire with a length of 3 meters: 1

(3) Qualification certificate: 1 copy

Newheek specializes in the production of X – ray machine and hand switch and other X accessories.If you need these products, please contact us.

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