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Tianjin customer consults veterinary X-ray machine bidding

A customer from Tianjin called our company to inquire about veterinary X-ray machines. The customer said that they wanted to bid, sent a parameter index, and asked us for the parameters and quotation. I took a look at the customer’s parameters. The customer was looking for a 50ma veterinary X-ray machine. We have a 100ma model with better parameters than the customer’s. I asked the customer what animals are used for inspection. The customer said that it is mainly used for inspections of cats and dogs and other veterinary, and told the customer that we can use our 100ma, because if the dog is larger, the 50ma may be more reluctant. 100ma is available. The customer made a record and asked about the price. A general quotation was made to the customer.
Veterinary X-ray machine product features of this product:
The veterinary X-ray machine is accurate in positioning, reliable in performance, and suitable for general photography; it adopts a bridge-type rectifier combined X-ray generator to improve the quality of photography.
Imported wire x ray grid is used to make the image clearer, which is especially suitable for shooting behind the animal.
Specially designed for shooting animals, the operation is more convenient and simple.

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