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Type of led push hand switch

Led push hand switch is used to control static imaging. The operator only needs to press the button to automatically complete all operations from exposure preparation to exposure, which is convenient, safe and fast.

Led push hand switch is an important part of X-ray machine, which can control the X-ray machine exposure. The X-ray hand switch used in medical X-ray machine has two main modes: wired led push hand switch and remote led push hand switch device (such as infrared remote control). Wired led push hand switch enables medical X-ray machine to prepare and expose (i.e., emit x-rays) by manually pressing down the gear of medical X-ray machine.

The remote led push hand switch device adopts the device similar to the TV remote control, which coordinates with the receiver installed on the medical X-ray machine to control the gear of the medical X-ray machine.

Both wired led push hand switch and wireless led push hand switch devices need to be customized according to the exposure sequence of different medical X-ray machines, and they cannot achieve adaptive control of the time sequence of different medical X-ray machines.

Therefore, we can recommend appropriate led push hand switch according to your X-ray machine type.

The X-ray machine can be exposed through led push hand switch, which is not limited by the mounting position of the medical X-ray machine, and can avoid the harm of X-ray to the operator.

Newheek led push hand switch is available in a variety of models to meet your different needs.If you need such a device, please feel free to contact us.

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